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Bracelets Addicts
// Online Sale of Trendy Bracelets


Bracelets-Addicts is an online store of trendy bracelets!

Bracelets Addicts is a large family of fashion enthusiasts where each one brings their expertise on the bracelets that we select for you every day.
Our team is on the lookout for each new trend to find the latest fashionable bracelets. After a careful selection, we are sure to offer you bracelets that you want pleasure!

At Bracelets Addicts, we are convinced that the bracelet is not just an accessory.
Discover at Bracelets Addicts, a selection of bracelets for all tastes, all budgets and all desires. To offer or simply have fun, you will find on Bracelets Addicts the largest choice of bracelets on the web.

Whatever your style of clothing, it's on Bracelets Addicts that you will find THE bracelet that will perfectly complement your look.

The Idea Behind

Learning and discovering new things is what motivate me everyday !
And when I heard about « dropshipping » I wanted to launch a project using this method. Therefore as a fashion enthusiast launching an online store selling bracelets wasn’t a difficult decision to make.

My Role

In every project, the team as to have complementary skills to move fast, and in Bracelets-Addicts it wasn’t an exception. Despite my lack of negotiating and door-to-door selling skills I gave to that project my experience and my knowledge in digital world.

That why in that project, I did:

  • Supplier Searches (Chinese) according to criteria
  • Creation of the product catalog
  • Implementation of the pricing strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Online store development
  • Writing product sheet
  • Order Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • Newsletter Creation
  • Influencer Partnerships Manager

Key Figures


Bracelets Sold

Ad Budget

Catalog Product


"It's by making mistakes that we learn"
This project was enriching on several points!

Delivery Times :

Consumer habits are changing!
Thanks or because of GAFA whos offering an ever better user experience and ever shorter delivery times, dropshipping is irrelevant!

What used to be a standard is no longer a standard nowadays.
When delivery times of 2 to 3 weeks were a standard at the time, nowadays 24 to 48 hours is a guarantee of quality, security and user loyalty.

Unfortunately with Bracelets-Addicts we could not guarantee such delivery times ... Working with suppliers in Asia we were experiencing extended delays due to transportation and customs.

If the delivery time is one of the most important criteria when it comes to ecommerce, it's still possible to guarantee short delivery times while doing dropshiping.

  • By working with suppliers close to our customers.
  • By having a stock of our best sellers... but it's not dropshipping anymore.

Name Issue :

If at the beginning, it seemed relevant to us to have a very strong name on our niche, to unconsciously evoke our side of "specialist" to people.
We soon realized that by using such an evocative name, we had locked ourselves into our own strategy.
It was very difficult for us to be able to offer/sell other accessories in the sales funnel in order to increase the price of the average basket.

Even if the name of a brand, website or company should evoke its business, for an e-commerce website in dropshipping it's different. It must remain as large as possible in order to evolve in the long term without being blocked.

To be able to increase its product range without creating a dissonance with the name.

With Bracelets-Addicts we could hardly offer glasses, or watches... While with a name like Fashion-Addicts for example we could have offered all the wardrobe of a real gentleman!

Overly Competitive :

Drophipping based on the product catalogue of our suppliers makes it difficult to stand out from our competitors. Even if we were lucky to get into dropshipping before the buzz, the market was still saturated.

We quickly realized through our targeted advertising that we offer exactly the same products as our competitors. Even if we had implemented a pricing strategy, we could hardly differentiate ourselves, especially against the very big companies...

One solution that could have worked in the long term is to ask our suppliers to apply our brand on the products, to have our own packaging so that we can create an identifiable brand to mark the minds of our loyal customers.

Low Advertising Budget = Low Sales :

In dropshipping the only important part is marketing and communication! In order to reach our target other than SEO and influencing partnerships it was facebook and instagram advertising.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a big initial budget to invest in advertising, especially since at the beginning before finding the right criteria to target our target on Facebook/Instagram we had to test and then invest money... that we didn't have!

Return On Investment :

After almost 4 months working on wristbands, it was hard to admit that this project, even if we had been able to earn money, it was not profitable compared to the time we had spent on it.

Due to the strategic, technical and logistical problems mentioned above, it was difficult for us to be able to continue this project in order to make it sustainable.

As they say, "fail hard, fail fast, fail often..." we decided to stop this project and move on to other things!


July 2017 - Oct. 2017

Seed Capital

200 €


1,500.00 €

Skills Acquired
  • Contacting & Negotiating with suppliers
  • Facebook / Instagram Ads
  • Funnel Sales Optimisation
  • Retargeting Ads / Emails
  • After Sales Services
  • Dropshipping

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