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Exploite Un Jeune
// Self promoting campaign - 100k peoples reached

The Idea

In the war of the search for a job alternation, all CVs look the same and it is difficult to stand out to attract the recruiter's attention.
That's why, having a desire to work in the communications field, I launched a communications campaign with "me" as the product.

Starting from the observation that the trainee is an underling who carries out the most thankless tasks and is at the service of his or her supervisor, it was relevant to have a shock message to get noticed and highlight this devaluing practice.

The Strategy

Knowing that the best way to make people talk about, in a short time, it's to be shocking, striking while disturbing the already established spheres.
I started with a shock concept, the sale of human beings.

To do this, I created an online shop allowing recruiters to find an intern according to the tasks they need (making coffee, massages, making photocopies up to the physical features of the intern).
Of course, my goal was to put myself forward, that's why, no matter what the recruiter's criteria, I was always the ideal product offered.
The indirect message was to show, that I had all the skills to meet all the demands.

Once the e-commerce site was set up, all I had to do was launch the communication around this project.

To do so:

  • Teasing on Social Networks,
  • Email Scraping from Communication Agencies (about 10k emails retrieved)
  • Scraping Influence and Blogger emails (about 1k email)
  • Personalised Message by targeting the Medias Directly via Social Networks
  • Press Release Creation
  • Creation of the Newsletter for the Day
  • Creation of a Privileged Access on the Shop for Influencers 48 Hours before the Online Launch.

Under the stress of 2 intensive weeks of work, the project was only 1 button!
A script that made it possible to launch all the emails, the messages on social networks and the public launch of the site.

Monday May 11, 2015 at 10am, the best experience of MY LIFE had just been launched.

The Buzz then the Bad Buzz

Literally at 10:01 am, I was already relayed in most of the biggest news sites concerning communication.

Some of them...

In less than 30mins I had already been approached by journalists from meltybuzz and Konbini...

After reaching about 80k people in less than a few hours, I had just realized that I had lost control of the project!
A Buzz... a viral communication...

After the BUZZ, the BadBuzz!

After this lightning success, students from IESA Multimedia who had created a communication in the framework of a school project "Plume Un Vieux", a communication highlighting the vulnerability of the elderly. (who...suffered a badbuzz for the blow, forcing the pedagogical team and the headmaster of the school Pierre-Edouard Schmitt to apologize in a press release see here), used my virality to relaunch their communication.

Using the pretext of plagiarism, and by appealing to the inter-school relations (IESA Multimedia being part of the same group as Digital Campus) forced me to close my website under legal pressure...
Completely false, baseless allegations based solely on the design of 2 buttons! Designs that are absolutely to be found EVERYWHERE!

I came to myself, as a second year student, in less than 2 weeks of work, to bring to my knees 15 final year students from IESA Multimedia who... took 2 months to launch their communication...
A shame for this school that wants to be "elitist" ...

Naïve, inexperienced, alone, afraid of such a reaction, I preferred to close my site, giving them reason...

Behind The Scene

The twist in that story would make a conspirator pale!

My teacher/mentor on this project Stephane Favreau was the referent teacher of the project PlumeUnVieux ...

The first objective was to find an alternation... which I did, I received 12 offers in the space of 24 hours!

After the website was closed, I received a lot of emails from people congratulating me on my approach, and asking me to relaunch the website.
That's why, with some friends, we tried to relaunch the site but this time as a real platform to search for internships and work-study programs.

The brand name Exploite Un Jeune has been registered in France and Europe.

Unfortunately, due to management problems and internal problems of personal interest of some members of the group, the project did not see the light of day.

Key Figures

People Reached

Email Sent

Press Articles

What I learned from it ?

Some people might think that this project was awful considering the potential bad buzz I experienced, but it was one of the most rewarding projects of my life!

The opportunity to launch my own communication campaign, discover the press relations, set up a strategy, apply my knowledge and skills in real life is priceless.

But what I learned from this experience is that you should never trust someone who has no direct interest in the project, never submit to potential legal threats (wait for the steps before doing anything), surround yourself with a legal team, always respond to comments and wait for the storm to pass before responding by implementing a crisis strategy.


May 2015

Skills Acquired
  • Launching a Campaign
  • Crisis Communication
  • Press Relations

warning www.exploiteunjeune.fr

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